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Here you will find freely downloadable publications on the latest nutrition topics, such as early infant nutrition, nutritional avenues to allergies, sports nutrition, and nutrition in disease states such as dysphagia or critical illness. All 3000 papers are organized across categories to make it easier for you to find specific information. If you are missing a reference you can also use our search function.

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NNI Workshop Series (publication series)

NNI Workshop Series

This Medline/PubMed indexed series contains the full proceedings of the Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop series in Pediatric, Clinical, Adult and Sports Nutrition.

Annales Nestlé (publication series)

Annales Nestlé

A series of pediatric health and nutrition journals comprising up-to-date reviews on hot topics. The Annales are published as a supplement to the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism and indexed in Medline/PubMed.

The Nest (publication series)

The Nest

Concise, science-based up-to-date practical information for health professionals in key areas of pediatric health and nutrition.

Articles and Books (publication series)

Articles and Books

Conference Proceedings (publication series)

Conference Proceedings

Clinical Nutrition Highlights  (publication series)

Clinical Nutrition

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The future of HMOs ESPGHAN 2024

The future of HMOs ESPGHAN 2024

In this NNI symposia at ESPGHAN 2024, three experts speak more about the future of HMOs, and how moving towards synbiotics can be a means to optimize health benefits. Prof. Lorella Gianni shares updates regarding many complementary functions of HMOs, and its role in supporting gut and immune development in early life, which may be used to address and potentially prevent health conditions such as allergies and infections. Prof. Jean-Charles Picaud discusses the results of a clinical study with a synbiotic blend of six HMOs and strain specific probiotics showing positive influence on the infant

Co-Authored by 3 Experts
The Nest Thumbnails - The Nest 53.jpg

The Nest 53: Learning to Eat

Infant feeding is a multifaceted process that extends beyond simply offering food. Complementary feeding is the process of giving foods that complement breastfeeding to be able to provide balanced, nutrient-dense options to be able to meet their high nutritional needs while preventing obesity. There are a lot to consider such as timing, perceptual complementary feeding, and the culture and family context. Typically, this begins at 4 to 6 months, when the baby exhibits signs of readiness. Age adapted foods, and encouraging the baby to try to feed themselves based on their oral motor skills

NNI Workshop Series

NNIW99 - The Changing Landscape of Pediatric Nutrition: Latest Trends & Future Directions

Discover more about the future of nutrition science in today’s ever changing world.

From early nutrition and lifelong health, to the role of the food ladder and the gut microbiome in infancy, to the technological advances shaping clinical practice, our global experts will walk us through the various developments in childhood nutrition.

The True Weight of the Obesity Epidemic: Factors and Implications Teaser Image

The True Weight of the Obesity Epidemic: Factors and Implications

N&G Yearbook 2024 Teaser Image

Nutrition and Growth Yearbook 2024

Annales 77.3 - Vitamin D: From Gestation to Adolescence in Health and Disease (publications)

Annales 80.2 - Prevention of allergies in the post-pandemic era

Co-Authored by 5 Experts
Annales 75.3 - Meeting the Iron Needs of Young Children (publications)

Annales 80.1 - Foods for the future and their potential impact on child nutrition

Co-Authored by 4 Experts