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Here you will find freely downloadable publications on the latest nutrition topics, such as early infant nutrition, nutritional avenues to allergies, sports nutrition, and nutrition in disease states such as dysphagia or critical illness. All 3000 papers are organized across categories to make it easier for you to find specific information. If you are missing a reference you can also use our search function.

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NNI Workshop Series (publication series)

NNI Workshop Series

This Medline/PubMed indexed series contains the full proceedings of the Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop series in Pediatric, Clinical, Adult and Sports Nutrition.

Annales Nestlé (publication series)

Annales Nestlé

A series of pediatric health and nutrition journals comprising up-to-date reviews on hot topics. The Annales are published as a supplement to the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism and indexed in Medline/PubMed.

The Nest (publication series)

The Nest

Concise, science-based up-to-date practical information for health professionals in key areas of pediatric health and nutrition.

Articles and Books (publication series)

Articles and Books

Conference Proceedings (publication series)

Conference Proceedings

Clinical Nutrition Highlights  (publication series)

Clinical Nutrition

Latest Publications

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N&G Yearbook 2024

Nutrition and Growth Yearbook 2024

In this book, renowned experts in their field summarize and annotate selected peer-reviewed manuscripts that were published between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023 on malnutrition, obesity and body composition, epigenetics, nutrition for preterm and term infants, maternal nutrition and nutrition in pregnancy, cognition, chronic diseases, and their intersections with nutrition and growth. Each article was evaluated for clinical importance, especially for healthcare professionals who deal with these specific cases, and discusses its applications in their everyday practice.

Annales 77.3 - Vitamin D: From Gestation to Adolescence in Health and Disease (publications)

Annales 80.2 - Prevention of allergies in the post-pandemic era

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed human activities across the world in efforts to minimize risks relating to the disease, especially when it came to social distancing and practices related to disinfection. This may have affected human immune system and the environmental microbiota interactions, thus affecting how allergies develop. In this issue, we review the impacts of the COVID-19 infections on those with allergies, how pandemic measures might have changed the exposome and its effects on the immune system

Co-Authored by 5 Experts
Annales 75.3 - Meeting the Iron Needs of Young Children (publications)

Annales 80.1 - Foods for the future and their potential impact on child nutrition

Since the issues on climate change and how it affects the food people eat was brought up in 2019, attitudes when it comes to diet have evolved. This includes the shift to plant-based diets which is thought to nurture the human body more than modern diets, while also being better for planetary health. With this, more individuals have implored a vegetarian or vegan diets. However, there are also numerous things to be considered, such as how it affects children’s diets, how can novel plant-based foods be safely introduced, and the special care needed to avoid deficiencies. With this, certain

Co-Authored by 4 Experts
The Nest 52: The microbiome and synergies in the gut

The Nest 52: The microbiome and synergies in the gut

Clinical Nutrition Highlights (publications)

PUREED FOODS FOR PEOPLE WITH DYSPHAGIA: Functionality, Interventions and Outcomes

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NNI Satellite Symposium Enteral Nutrition Proceedings ESPGHAN 2023

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Feeding the Infant to Nurturing the Microbiome Impact on Immunity and Health