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With vast clinical problems persisting in the world today, the role of nutrition for overall health, and prevention and treatment of diseases may sometimes be overlooked.

In this section you will find extensive research on the therapeutic role of diet, including resources for dietary guidelines and nutrition screening & assessment. We also cover requirements and recommendations for food safety, healthy eating, nutrients and hydration.


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Weight Management, Micronutrients, and Supplements in Diabetes

At this year’s 39th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition, held in Anavyssos, Greece, Nestlé Health Science sponsored a series of presentations and plenary lectures with a focus on the effects of weight loss, micronutrients, nutritional


The Benefits And Challenges Of Digital Health

The Benefits And Challenges Of Digital Health

Since the 1990s when the internet became more available to the public, this fast-paced communication and networking has become the norm. From instant messaging to applications for interaction, this has become widespread as the new means to connect



Global Trends in Nutrition and Health Through The Life Course

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The past three years was an unprecedented time as sudden health challenges led to a shift in dietary patterns, lifestyle and nutrition status of families all across the globe..

Now that the world is slowly opening up once more, we must plan for a

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