Low Birth Weight

Premature, small for gestational age and low birth weight babies are an important public health concerns, especially in developing countries.This section covers the importance of using different nutrition approaches when managing low birth weight. It also brings extensive information on the nutritional requirements and adequate interventions recommended to ensure the best possible outcomes.  


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Nutrition and Growth Yearbook 2022

Throughout human history it has been known that adequate nutrition is crucial for normal child growth, and this has become a common concern to all child health care givers since at least the 19th century. Yet, the precise mechanisms underpinning the

Human Milk Oligosaccharides support immune protection through the early life microbiome

Updates on nutrition for optimizing preterm growth

Infants born very preterm or with a very low birth weight have a high risk of malnutrition, poor growth and poor health outcomes. Nutritional support is key for this infants, considering suboptimal nutrition of preterm infants has been associated



Feeding the Fetus (infographics)

Feeding the Fetus

In the womb, babies get all they need from their mother’s body. An inadequate maternal diet can consequently lead to many nutritional risks for maternal and child health.


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