N&G Yearbook 2024

Nutrition and Growth Yearbook 2024

In this book, renowned experts in their field summarize and annotate selected peer-reviewed manuscripts that were published between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023 on malnutrition, obesity and body composition, epigenetics, nutrition for preterm and term infants, maternal nutrition and nutrition in pregnancy, cognition, chronic diseases, and their intersections with nutrition and growth. Each article was evaluated for clinical importance, especially for healthcare professionals who deal with these specific cases, and discusses its applications in their everyday practice.

Berthold Koletzko
Annales 77.3 - Vitamin D: From Gestation to Adolescence in Health and Disease (publications)

Annales 80.2 - Prevention of allergies in the post-pandemic era

Co-Authored by 5 Experts
Annales 75.3 - Meeting the Iron Needs of Young Children (publications)

Annales 80.1 - Foods for the future and their potential impact on child nutrition

Co-Authored by 4 Experts


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In focus: peanut allergy


Annales 79.1 - Pediatric issues in time of pandemia: From infection to nutritional strategies

The NEST 50 teaser image

The Nest 50: Stop the March: Allergy prevention and long term risk reduction

Co-Authored by 4 Experts
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The Transformative 10: Nutrition meets Behavior

gut brain axis infographic landscape.png

The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: A dynamic bi-directional communication

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The Lancet

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Breakthrough study identifies novel infant gut bacteria

Breakthrough Study Identifies Novel Infant Gut Bacteria

Breastfeeding Potentially Lowers Maternal Risk of Cardiovascular Events

Breastfeeding Potentially Lowers Maternal Risk of Cardiovascular Events

Children more likely to like vegetables

Children more likely to like vegetables if mothers ate more during pregnancy, research claims

HMOs and covid

Exploring human milk oligosaccharides as a method of COVID-19 prevention

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A Healthy gut microbiota is built in childhood


Probiotics in Pediatric Nutrition: How should be be counseling parents?

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When gut microbiome supports musculoskeletal health and development

N&G 2024 - Jean-Charles Picaud

Complementing HMOs with strain & age specific probiotics to maximize benefits

Jean-Charles Picaud
Tommi Vatanen

How early gut microbiome development impacts infant and toddler health

Tommi Vatanen
Review of effective interventions in risk reduction and management of GDM

Review of effective interventions in risk reduction and management of GDM

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