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Gut Microbiota Growth & Development

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A Healthy gut microbiota is built in childhood

Original program date: Dec 06, 2021

Expiration date: Not available

The importance of an age-appropriate gut microbiota development in early life is increasingly recognized as an important key to many aspects of infants’ and toddlers’ health and beyond. This tutorial aims to support the learning about gut microbiota development during infancy and toddlerhood in an easy and interactive way to all healthcare professionals working in the area of infant and toddler nutrition. This tutorial can be completed at your own pace and is available across various devices.

Continuing education

Program description:

Various research activities in combination with analytical advances in defining and quantifying gut microorganisms contribute to an increasing understanding of the importance of an adequate microbiota development during early life and in maintaining health throughout life. This tutorial summarizes new research findings on the gut microbiota, presenting results how different nutrition compounds, such as human milk and the introduction of complementary feeding, are important in shaping an age-appropriate gut microbiota.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand the origin and development of the gut microbiota in infants and toddlers
  • Learn about the various factors affecting gut microbiota development Recognize the role of the gut microbiota in helping maintain health throughout life
  • Discover how nutritional components shape the gut microbiota in early life and beyond.

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