Addressing malnutrition in all its forms represents an integrated agenda focusing on the root causes of malnutrition at all stages of the life course. In this section you will find material on the full range of malnutrition topics including childhood and elderly malnutrition, stunting, wasting, underweight, dysphagia as well as assessment and screening tools like the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA®).

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Feeding Children with Gastrointestinal Impairment

Feeding Children with Gastrointestinal Impairment

Claudio Romano
N&G Yearbook 2024 Teaser Image

Nutrition and Growth Yearbook 2024

Annales 75.3 - Meeting the Iron Needs of Young Children (publications)

Annales 80.1 - Foods for the future and their potential impact on child nutrition

Co-Authored by 4 Experts
NNIW100 Interview Ian

NNIW100 Interviews: Ian Macdonald

Ian A. Macdonald
ian macdonald keynote speaker nniw100

Keynote lecture, lan Macdonald

Ian A. Macdonald
eslam elbaroudy at nniw100

Strategies to develop balanced dietary habits, Eslam ElBaroudy

Eslam Elbaroudy
elizabeth jacob at nniw100

Hidden hunger in "healthy diets", Elizabeth George Jacob

Elizabeth George Jacob
andrew prentice at nniw100

Two sides of the same coin: strategies to address over- and undernutrition, Andrew Prentice

Jose Saavedra at NNIW100

Sustainable diets: The intersection of human and planetary health, Jose Saavedra

Jose M. Saavedra
paula hallam at nniw100

Nutrition Challenges and opportunities when shifting to plant-based diets, Paula Hallam

Paula Hallam
NNI Workshop 100: Shaping the Future with Nutrition

100th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop - Shaping the Future with Nutrition