New supplementation approach for optimizing pregnancy outcomes - results from NiPPeR study

Malnutrition Obesity

While there have been many studies on maternal supplementation, Prof. Shiao-Yng Chan in her lecture describes how there is still a need for higher quality studies on this regard especially with the considerable number of women of gestational age who have deficiencies. Micronutrient deficiency and insufficiencies occur even in high resource settings and in overnutrition, thus effective supplementation is seen to combat this. Taking into account current limitations of existing data on supplementation, the NiPPer study was designed considering women during the pre-conception period, and a specific multi-micronutrient, myo-inositol and probiotic, and the comparison between standard preconception micronutrient supplementation, to look at the maternal glucose and 28 weeks alongside other pregnancy and infant health outcomes. This lecture details the data found so far.