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Nutrition in disease management is cyclical, where malnutrition may lead to diseases and diseases may cause malnutrition. Hence maintaining proper nutrition before risks for diseases increase is ideal. In this same light, in times of illness, providing the proper nutrition for recovery is crucial. This is especially true in the case of COVID-19 where recuperating can be longer and harder for some who have gotten infected. Shane McAuliffe, RD, MSc, details this in his lecture, where he tackles the effect of disease on nutritional status, and the effect of nutritional status on disease, as well as some critical nutrients to watch out for. Watch the video below to learn more about this.

With the recent global health crisis, nobody was spared from thrust us into the digital ecosystem. Rapid changes to the healthcare system were put in place to adapt, and at the same time, healthcare professionals needed to remodel their practice and how they would deliver assistance to their patients. This panel discussion with experts from different field of expertise, moderated by Prof. Sumantra Ray, sheds light on key issues and challenges during this time, and how to manage these moving forward. Learn more on how to make a different in a more practical and holistic way, with respect to the different lenses of clinical and public health practice in this video.

Professor Kari Nadeau describes the results from a study that evaluated different strategies for the early introduction of food allergens. She highlights that consumption of even small quantities of a multi-allergen mixture for one year was associated with improvements in subsequent food challenge reactivity compared with single or double food introductions.

Learn all about the unique and specific needs women experience during their pregnancy journey. From the issues they face to the proper supplementation they need to prevent metabolic diseases, it’s time to expand our knowledge on the latest guidelines for each pregnancy stage in order to positively impact future generations of mothers everywhere.

Symposium at the 2022 58th EASD Annual Meeting “Implications of Elevated Postprandial Glucose and Nutritional Approaches for Postprandial Glucose Management with a Focus on Whey Proteins”

In this symposium, Dr. John Sievenpiper will discuss the pathophysiology and clinical implications of postprandial hyperglycemia, and nonpharmacological approaches for its management and how it may impact CV/vascular risk, insulin resistance, and other co-morbidities with illustrations. Followed by Professor Ahrén who will focus specifically on novel data for how whey proteins and amino acids may influence postprandial glucose management.