Annales 76.1 - Hot Topics in Nutrition – 75 Years Later

F. Haschke

The special issue of Annales Nestlé 76.1 is dedicated to celebrate 75 years of this international series, and explores topics which were burning decades ago and are still sensitive, with contributions from authors based in different parts of the world:

  • Prof. Andrew Prentice (The Gambia) outlines how “nutrition transition” in population of many low- and middle-income countries is triggering a new health challenge;
  • Prof. Hans van Goudoever (The Netherlands) performs a critical analysis of the crucial role of human milk in delivering adequate nutrition to support growth and health of preterm infants;
  • Dr. Ralf Heine (Switzerland) covers nutritional strategies for allergy prevention in the first year of life as well as new promisse and effective future treatment options;
  • Prof. Hania Szajewska (Poland) discusses the importance and influence of evidence-based medicine and clinical research on medical practice;
  • Prof. Jai K. Das  (Australia) and col. focus on nutritional requirements of older children, adolescents, and young women of childbearing age and the impact of the diet and nutritional status before and during pregnancy on the nutritional status, growth, and health of the offspring.

This edition of Annales Nestlé is a significant milestone in the history of pediatric medical communications. It is the 75th year in the international series that was originally launched in 1942, following on from an exclusively French-language version that first appeared in 1935. The contents of each issue of Annales Nestlé reflect the topics of interest and the state of the art and knowledge of the time, providing historical insights into the evolution of infant health and nutrition.