The Nest 44: Pro-, Pre-, and Synbiotics: Myths and Facts

schedule 24 min read
Topic(s): Gut Microbiota Growth & Development

Gut microbiota, including probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics, is a hot topics of discussion in the clinical practice. It is well established today that not all probiotics and/or prebiotics are equal. Probiotics health benefits are strain specific and in the case of Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMOs) and prebiotics, functions are dependent on their structural composition.

In this issue of The Nest you will read articles about:

  • Available proven clinical effects of specific probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics in childhood
  • Structural differences between HMOs and other prebiotic oligosaccharides and their impact on physiological functions
  • Differences between probiotics and postbiotics and the level of scientific evidence of each of them