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European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) 2022

Jun 23,2022 - Jun 25,2022

Clinical Experience of Enteral Nutrition with Real Food in Children

Thursday 23rd June | 07h15 – 08h15 CET | Hall A3

Breakfast symposium

Enteral Nutrition for Children with Neurological and Gastrointestinal Impairment: Implementation of Real Food in Clinical Practice

Chairman: Frédéric Gottrand, France

Meeting Nutritional Needs and Improving Enteral Tolerance with Real Food-Based Formula

Gerard J. Minor, US

A National Retrospective Study in Children who Have Switched to Real Food-Based Formula

Martha van der Linde, UK

Real Food in Enteral Nutrition for Chronically Ill Children: Practical Clinical Experience

Prof. Claudio Romano, Italy



Can the Child’s Diet in the Early Years Shape the Microbiome and Metabolic Health? New Research and Directions

Thursday 23rd June 2022 | 13h00 – 14h00 CET | Hall A1

Lunchtime symposium


Prof. Anne Raben, Denmark

Microbiome Digestion Matters: Maximising the Benefits of Dietary Glycans in Early Life

Dr. Giles Major, Switzerland

Crucial Role of Early Life Nutrition in Shaping Childhood and Adult Health – a Metabolic Perspective

Yann Ravussin, PhD, Switzerland



The Cow’s Milk related Symptom Score (CoMiSS™) to Facilitate the Awareness of Cow’s Milk Allergy

Friday 24th June 2022 | 7h30 – 8h30 CET | Hall A3

Breakfast symposium


Chair: Prof. Yvan Vandenplas, Belgium

Co-Chair: Prof. Hania Szajewska, Poland

Why Is the Diagnosis of CMA so Challenging?

Dr. Rosan Meyer, Belgium

CoMiSS™ to Increase CMA Awareness: Lessons Learnt

Dr. Kateřina Bajerová, Czech Republic

Can CoMiSS™ Be Improved?

Prof. Yvan Vandenplas, Belgium


Dietary Management of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease in Clinical Practice

Saturday 25th June 2022 | 07h15 – 8h15 CET | Hall A3

Breakfast symposium

Does it Make Sense to Consider Diet as Part of CD Therapeutic Armamentarium

Prof. Javier Martin De Carpi, Spain

CDED in Management of CD from Research to Clinical Practice

Rotem Sigall Boneh, Israel

Multi-omics of Nutritional Therapy

Dr. Johan van Limbergen, The Netherlands

Use of CDED in Real Life Clinical Cases

Chairman – Prof. Paolo Lionetti, Italy