Clinical Experience of Enteral Nutrition with Real Food in Children

person Frederic Gottrand Gerard J. Minor Martha Van Der Linde Claudio Romano
schedule 59 min watch
Topic(s): Gut Microbiota Growth & Development Malnutrition


Enteral nutrition with tube feeding is an effective indication for children with chronic disease, particularly but not limited to, those presenting neurological and gastrointestinal impairment who are at high risk of undernutrition. Beyond the regular milk-based formula currently available blenderised tube feeds are gaining popularity among families and HCPs caring of tube-dependent children. This feeding growing trend was leveraged into newly designed real food-based enteral formula. The symposium chaired by Prof. Frederic Gottrand showed the advances in supportive care using real food-based enteral formula. Dr. Minor reported the experience with real food-based enteral formula in USA. Mrs Martha van der Linde presented the results of a multicenter real world evidence study conducted in UK demonstrating improvement in tolerance and gastrointestinal symptoms in patients experiencing GI issues with regular milk-based formula and switching to real food-based formula. Prof. Claudio Romano completed the panel discussion by presenting practical clinical cases highlighting the effectiveness of tube feeding with real food-based enteral formula in various conditions.