Dietary Management of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease in Clinical Practice

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Gut Microbiota Growth & Development Malnutrition Nutrition & Disease Management Nutrition Health & Wellness

Crohn’s Disease (CD) is a life-long, progressive disease that impacts both patients’ physical and mental health. The symposium chaired by Prof. Paolo Lionetti emphasized the importance of nutritional strategies in the management of patients with CD. In particular the panel discussed the development of Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet (CDED) from research to clinical practice. Prof. Javier Martin de Carpi set the scene by highlighting the importance of diet within the CD therapeutic approaches. Mrs Rotem Sigall-Boneh presented up-to date evidences on CDED, Prof. Johan van Limbergen reported new insights into the mechanism underlying the effect of CDED and its impact on microbiome dysbiosis during CD and finally Prof. Lionetti completed the discussion by presenting practical clinical cases reflecting the effective use of CDED in various conditions.

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