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Preterm infants have a high risk of malnutrition, poor growth and poor health outcomes. Updated, recommendations for enteral nutrition of preterm infants will be issued from the ESGPHAN and key highlights of this guidelines is the focus of the lecture from Prof. Magnus Domellöof.

The human microbiome contains over 10 trillion microbial cells that contribute to disease, health and wellness.  In this webinar, Dr. Mark DeLegge defines the role of the gut microbiome as it relates to enteral feeding through the stages of healthcare, highlighting environmental and nutritional effects from critical illness to long term care. 

The NNI Symposium at 8th International Conference on Nutrition and Growth 2021 on “Children are what they eat: Shaping their growth & immunity” presented information about impact of nutrition on shaping the gut microbiome and the immune system in the first years of life.