Human Milk Research

life_logo2We fully recognize our responsibility to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in line with WHO/UNICEF recommendations.

Alongside this, Nestlé Research is spearheading scientific research into understanding human milk composition through their groundbreaking LIFE (Lactation for Infant Feeding Expertise) program – with the clear and defined aim of significantly

 improving the quality of life for mothers and their babies. It's the largest undertaking of its kind in the industry.

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16 clinical studies16 clinical studies in 20 countries around the globe, as well as numerous external collaborators with key opinion leaders in the field



beakerStandardized methods of milk sampling in different populations, eg. mothers of preterm and small for gestational age infants



test tubesCollection of 8,000 human milk samples from more than 2,000 women at different stages of their lactation period



microscopeState-of-the-art analytical techniques developed to characterize human milk



magnifying20 new validated methods to analyze more than 200 nutrients and bioactives in milk



booksOver 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications and reviews, and more in the years to come