Video Teaser: Lactation for infant feeding expertise (LIFE) focus on HMO's

Growth & Development Gut Microbiota

Nestlé Research human milk initiative called LIFE (Lactation for Infant Feeding Expertise) is one of the biggest efforts on characterization of human milk and association of its components to infant and maternal variables. Nestlé Research data from 8 cohorts executed in 15 countries and employing approximately 3,600 human milk samples indicate that maternal genetics, BMI, stage of lactation, preterm birth and mode of delivery are important drivers of oligosaccharide concentration in mothers’ milk.


This is a video teaser with key points of the presentation of  Sagar Thakkar’s during the NNI online Satellite Symposia as scheduled for WCPGHAN 2020. Click in the link below if you want to see Sagar Thakkar’s’s full talk: