Nutrition and Growth Yearbook 2023

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Topic(s): Growth & Development Low Birth Weight Malnutrition
Moshe Phillip
Dominique Turck
Raanan Shamir
Berthold Koletzko (Germany)

There are many factors to consider in child development and what is considered healthy in terms of growth, the biggest influence of which is nutrition. However, with the highly varied and complex mechanisms of nutrients and the bodily systems, there is still a lot to be understood in this regard. With that, this yearbook from the Nutrition and Growth aims to collate studies related to research on nutrients and the endocrine system, and the diagnoses and its health implications. From the tremendous global research efforts aimed at understanding mechanisms leading to growth failure, optimized nutrition for child growth, and diets to combat undernutrition and malnutrition, specialists have selected the peer-reviewed manuscripts from July 2021 to June 2022 that they considered significantly contributed to the wealth of knowledge in this field. Learn more from these studies and the annotations of the experts in this 2023 Nutrition and Growth Yearbook.