NNIW94 - Milk, Mucosal Immunity & the Microbiome: Impact on the Neonate

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Allergy Growth & Development Gut Microbiota Low Birth Weight

Lactation is a defining characteristic of all mammals, and, indeed, mammals draw their name from mammae, or mammary glands. The evolution of mammary glands has been the subject of debate since Charles Darwin.

The 94th Nestlé Nutrition Institute workshop is dedicated to Prof. Lars A. Hanson, who was the first investigator to identify SIgA in the colostrum and milk. He has been one of the most devoted scholars to the study of mammalian lactation and breastfeeding, and has also been instrumental in a global effort to foster breastfeeding in the developing world and for undernourished infants. He is rightfully considered as the “father of modern breastfeeding.”