Presentation of Case Study on Fortification Program in China

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In this presentation, Dr Huo described the development of a soy bean powder-based complementary food supplement, Ying Yang Bao (YYB, nutrients sachet in Chinese). Several ongoing YYB projects are being conducted in poor rural areas in China, and the existing implementing systems at county-township-village levels were found to be efficient for this project. The food supplement was accepted by both the infants and parents. Nutrition intervention studies with YYB involving infants aged 6–24 months in Wenchuan earthquake regions found significant changes in haemoglobin levels and anaemia rates as well as positive effects on weight-for-height and weight-for-age scores. Incidences of adverse effects were low. Coverage and compliance met targets but can still be improved.  Although knowledge of nutrition and complementary feeding increased, this has not been translated into a change in behaviour among caretakers. YYB practice can be emulated by other developing countries to promote childhood nutrition.