Importance of macronutrient quality for balanced diets:  An example of carbohydrates

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Recent evidence emphasizes that beyond the absolute quantity, the quality of our dietary carbohydrates is equally important. Favoring whole-food sources rich in natural fibers, such as wholegrains, vegetables, pulses and fruits can help to bring more fibers and slowly-digested starch to our diet, while reducing the intake of free sugars. Finding the right balance between these different types of carbohydrates may help prevent development of chronic cardiometabolic diseases. Dr. Lê Bur showed evidence on a new carbohydrates metric defined as a ratio between total carbohydrates-fibres-sugars. She presented data showing that products meeting a ratio of at least 1g of fibres and maximum 2g of free sugars for 10g of total carbohydrates have an overall better nutrient profile, and diet meeting the ratio are associated with higher Healthy Eating Index.