High value nutrition to address public health concerns such as micronutrient deficiencies

Malnutrition Nutrition Health & Wellness

Prof. Singh showed in his presentation technological solutions to address micronutrient deficiencies. He explained that there are different approaches to address micronutrient deficiencies, such as increasing diet diversity, supplements in situations when large deficiencies need to be addressed in a short duration as well as fortification that has been demonstrated as cost-effective. Food fortification, however, comes with technological challenges such as undesirable sensory changes of the product which may result in concerns for product stability or the influence fortificants can have on bioavailability and absorption. Consequently, the selected micronutrient for fortification should be stable, safe, tasty, bioavailable and effective. Prof. Singh ended by presenting an example of a nature assembled structure, a casein based fortificant, which helps to protect the iron from interaction with other compounds in the product, yet it is well released and absorbed in the body.