The Nest 50: Stop the March: Allergy prevention and long term risk reduction

1 min read
Topic(s): Allergy
Kent Woo
Julia C. De Leon
Carine Blanchard

Allergies now affect more people than we think. About 1 in 3 children suffer from at least one allergy in developed countries alone. With the steady hike in cases of allergies and its different manifestations, we veer focus now to preventing allergies and lowering long term risks. In this edition of The Nest, we investigate the role nutrition plays in achieving better outcomes for allergy prevention.

In the course of four articles, we tackle questions on avoidance or exposure being the more beneficial strategy to prevent allergies, breastfeeding and possible substitutes to lower the risk of developing allergies, debates on whether it is best to introduce allergens earlier or later to infants, and the future of research for allergy prevention through HMOs.