Nutrition & Disease Management

This section brings you information on nutritional care and disease with focus on enteral and parenteral nutrition, and nutrition support for a wide range of conditions such as infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. It also includes the impact of nutrition on aging and frailty, critical care support post-surgery and oncology care.

Osteoarthritis more than a wear and tear
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Osteoarthritis: more than a ‘wear-and-tear’ disease leading to the loss of cartilage

Prof. Henrotin, emphasized his mission to convince that the previous understanding of Osteoarthritis as a progressive…

Prof. Yves Henrotin
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The Latest Buzz about Heavy Metals, Infants, and Young Children

Over the last few years, published reports document the presence of heavy metals in certain foods. This is of particular…

3 min read Jennifer Sample, MD
Resolution of inflammation - the Way Out for many Common Disorders
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Resolution of Inflammation: the Way Out for many Common Disorders

Prof. Werz from Jena, Germany, describes diseases related to unresolved low-grade inflammation, the role of lipid…

Prof Oliver Werz
General Pathophysiology of Inflammation and Relevance in the Example of Osteoarthritis
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General Pathophysiology of Inflammation and Relevance in the Example of Osteoarthritis

Dr. Largo from Madrid, Spain, explains general mechanisms of inflammation, the role of the innate and adaptive immune…

Dr. Raquel Largo
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The Clinical and Therapeutic Implications of Meal Replacements: Sustained Weight Loss for Improved Liver Health and Diabetes Remission

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which includes non-alcoholic…

27 min read
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Maximizing Health Through the Microbiome: A Life Continuum

Examine the current impact of the gut microbiome on health from infancy to adulthood.

Kelly Tappenden
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Immunonutrition and Wounds

Pressure injury guidelines suggest high calorie/high protein nutritional intervention that contains supplemental L…

Caroline Fife
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A Panel Discussion: How Clinicians Utilize Food Based Tube Feeding Formulas

In this presentation, a multidisciplinary panel consisting of a physician assistant specializing in pediatric…

Gerard Minor, Tiffany Oster, Maryam Shambayati
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The Clinical Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of Meal Replacements for Weight Management: Achieving Improved Management of Co-Morbidities and Diabetes Remission

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 650 billion adults worldwide affected by…

Dr. Amy Rothberg, Professor Mike Lean