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NNI Research Fellowship (news)

Interested in furthering your nutrition training and research?

It’s that time of year again when the Nestlé Nutrition Institute invites young health professionals to apply for one of its Fellowships, giving them the chance to further their nutrition training and research. 

Since 1981, these grants have helped more than 500 young medical doctors and scientists from all over the world pursue postgraduate training at leading institutions in a number of fields relating to nutrition. This has helped build global capacity in nutrition research, and further global understanding of nutrition and its impact on the health of young women, mothers and children in particular.

Please encourage the young professionals working in your field to apply for a fellowship today. All applications must be received by 1st March 2016. Details of how to apply, as well as all the forms required, are on the Education and Resources page of the NNI website. 

There are two types of fellowships available: Research Fellowships These research grants are open to all young professionals and cover training lasting up to six months in the fields of young women’s health, and maternal and infant health and nutrition. Clinical Fellowships Our clinical fellowships are specifically for post-graduate health care professionals from developing countries working in the field of pediatric nutrition and gastroenterology. The clinical programs last from 12 to 24 months and are delivered through the leading institutions listed on our website. 

*Not Available To Health Care Professionals in the United States. 

For further information about the NNI Fellowships, visit the Fellowship page on the NNI website.