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Professor R. Shamir
Posted: Jul 07,2016

When is it time to introduce complementary feeding? What are the recommendations? Starting complementary feeding too early increases the risks of allergy. On the other hand, introducing solid food too late also contains risks. All those questions and even more are being explained in this interview with Professor R. Shamir.

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R. Knight
Posted: May 09,2016

In this blog Rob Knight explains that it is now possible to identify whether a person is lean or obese just by looking at the bacteria in the gut. However it is not the easiest way to see this, what is more interesting is that the human genome is also capable to tell if a person might become lean or obese in the future.

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Posted: Jun 18,2015

Our sense of taste develops and changes throughout our lives, but did you know that our earliest flavour preferences are determined in our mother’s womb? Both taste and smell are well developed by the third trimester of pregnancy, and by 35 weeks a fetus can already perceive basic tastes like sweetness.