95th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop - Building Future Health and well-being of thriving toddlers and young children

Sep 14,2020 - Sep 17,2020

According to the World Health Organisation the early child period, which includes the age up to 5 years, is considered to be the most important developmental phase throughout the lifespan.

This period of a child’s life is fundamental in building the foundation for the physical growth, development, health, social and emotional skills.

The 95th Nestle Nutrition Institute Workshop, “Building future health and well-being in thriving toddlers and young children”, explored in some details current scientific research, challenges and opportunities in cementing a healthy foundation for life in toddlers and young children. The first session focused on the overview of the nutritional challenges in toddlers and young children across the globe, such an overweight and obesity, which can be very detrimental during an important period of toddler’s development and growth. The theme of the second session revealed the journey from infancy to toddlerhood and role of nutrition in it.  The large focus of the scientific debates also was given to the social aspect, responsive, responsible and nurturing care-giving. The third session of the workshop on the health behavior and developing brain was built to explain the steps of the moto skills development and role of physical activities and nutrition in influencing cognitive development and learning abilities of a child.