International Congress of the European Geriatric Medicine Society

17th International Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EuGMS)

Oct 20,2021

EuGMS Congress 2019

Sep 25,2019 - Sep 27,2019

Addressing the
Drivers of Frailty:

Active Nutrients for Mitochondrial Health, Bioenergetics
and Functionality

Venue: Room 4
ICE Congress Center - Krakow, Poland

Welcome & Introduction
Chair: Jürgen M. Bauer, Germany

Nutritional strategies to compensate for the
anabolic resistance of aging

Luc J. van Loon, The Netherlands

Targeting muscle mitochondrial bioenergetics
through nutritional synergies in sarcopenia

Jerome N. Feige, Switzerland

Reversing age-related mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin resistance and functional decline: The role of glutathione and a novel nutritional approach

Rajagopal V. Sekhar, USA