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ICN Symposium - The Role of Beverages in Childhood Nutrition

Posted:  Tuesday, October 15, 2013

At the recent NNI satellite symposium, three leading experts presented their latest research into the impact of different beverages on childhood nutrition and health.

Held during 
the 20th International Congress of Nutrition in Granada, Spain, the experts spoke about the impact of water, milk and other beverages.

Water and hydration status of school children

Adequate hydration is a concern in children since they are more vulnerable to dehydration. Prof. Gérard Friedlander, lead a study that concluded that the hydration status of schoolchildren is highly dependent on water and fluid intake. It also highlighted a potential link between a child weight and their fluid intake and hydration status and potentially weight in children.

Watch Prof. Friedlander’s webinar to learn more about this study.

Milk Consumption
in Children’s Growth and Development

While it is well known that dairy products are an excellent source of many of the macro- and micronutrients children need to grow and develop, milk intake by children has fallen in industrialised countries and the availability and intake of dairy products are often low in in developing countries. Prof. Lindsay H. Allen summarised world-wide research into the effects of milk on the nutritional status and development of children.

Watch Prof. Allen’s webinar for more about the link between milk and a child’s growth.

Beverage Nutrient Density and Childhood Obesity

Prof. Adam Drewnowski looked at the different approaches to tackling childhood obesity and the role water and beverages can play. He concluded that the majority of children in the U.S. fall short of the U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended daily water intake.

Watch Prof. Drewnowski’s webinar to learn more.