Video Teaser: The Science of HMO's what they are and what they do

Topic(s): Gut Microbiota Growth & Development


Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) contribute to shaping the infant’s gut microbiome and immune system for immediate and long-term health benefits. New research has been shown that certain HMOs can have a role in reducing the risk of infectious diseases, immune development and on neurodevelopment and cognition. Sometimes specific individual HMOs are effective, because the effects are highly structure-specific and the mechanisms are likely receptor-mediated. While sometimes specific HMO mixtures are effective, thereby a relative abundance of HMOs and or the ratio of HMOs matters. A combination of pre-clinical, cohort and clinical trials is required to fully assess and validate the effects and functions of HMOs.

This is a video teaser with key points of the presentation of  Professor Lars Bode during the NNI online Satellite Symposia as scheduled for WCPGHAN 2020. Click in the link below if you want to see Professor Lars Bode’s full talk: