Video Teaser: HMOs and allergic sensitization: current evidence


Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) have been shown to strengthen the gut barrier function and to block pathogens. They are also known for their prebiotic effect and for promoting beneficial intestinal microbiota growth and stimulating the immune system. Currently there is scientific evidence linking HMOs and more particularly 2 FL and LNnT with the prevention of allergic sensitization. The results both from preclinical and clinical observational data, from the LIFE Child Cohort, demonstrates a positive effect of 2FL and LNnT in reduction of allergic sensitization.


This is a video teaser with key points of the presentation of  Carine Blanchard during the NNI online Satellite Symposia as scheduled for WCPGHAN 2020. Click in the link below if you want to see Carine Blanchard’s full talk: