Video Teaser: Gut Discomfort in Toddlers: Can Nutrition Bring a Solution?

Topic(s): Gut Microbiota Growth & Development


Common signs of gut discomfort in toddlers worldwide include predominantly functional abdominal pain disorders, functional constipation and functional diarrhoea. Collectively, these disorders have practically no organic cause, and their diagnosis relies on symptom-based criteria. Nutritional management of these conditions is efficacious and safe. Management options of functional abdominal pain include the use of L. reuteri. Nutrition also plays a role in the management of functional constipation and includes normal fiber and fluid intake, the use of probiotics, such as L. reuteri, prebiotics, including FOS/GOS or formula with partially hydrolyzed protein. In the dietary management of functional diarrhea, a balanced diet is recommended and the avoidance of excessive carbohydrate intake.

This is a video teaser with key points from the presentation of  Prof. Yvan Vandenplas during NNI Symposium at 7th International Conference on Nutrition and Growth. Click on the link below if you want to see Prof. Yvan Vandenplas’ full talk: