How do HMOs modulate the immune system in infants with CMPA: Emerging evidence and clinical implications

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Allergy Gut Microbiota

Exciting discussion unravelling the emerging evidence that supports HMOs role in modulating the immune system in infants with CMPA, defining the important clinical implications in this patient population. The key presentations address how the infants microbiome composition and the resulting metabolic functions are critical for early life immune development and how HMO potentially influence this important phase, including recent data from the CORAL study. Further evidence is presented from the CINNAMON study, whereby 2’-FL and LNnT,  two major HMOs accounting for almost 30% of the total amount of HMOs in mother’s milk, have a clinical impact when added to hypoallergenic speciality formulas for CMPA, including reduction in frequency of URTI. Finally the emerging evidence is presented detailing the impact of early supplementation of HMO in infants with CMPA, specifically on the infant type bifidobacteria and the associated metabolic products that create a healthy age appropriate gut microbiome.