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Gut Talk Series: Nestlé Research expertise in probiotics and infant protection

Carine Blanchard
Topic(s): Gut Microbiota


Probiotics are live bacteria that provide benefits to the host, when consumed in appropriate quantities. In infant feeding, probiotics play special role, linked to gut microbiome. Probiotics are powerful tools to shape gut microbiome healthy, but not all probiotics are equal. Some have been studied and used for years and having very good record of safe use (B. lactis), and meta-analyses of clinical studies showing efficacy in protection in diarrhea (LGG) and in the management/risk reduction of infantile colic (L. reuteri). How probiotics work is a big question, and subject of intensive research. They actively interact with gut microbiome to influence its function, for example production of beneficial metabolites such as SCFA. They can potentially act more directly and be sensed in the host gut, thus influencing systemic immunity.