Children’s Diets And Their Sustainability In A Changing World

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With the large infant and childhood mortality rates in the last century, it was only in the last 20 years that major improvements have been made in terms of mortality and stunting in ages 0-5. However, this improvement appears unbalanced globally, where in some areas, stunting, and micronutrient deficiencies still continue to be the norm, whereas some areas would serve a stark contrast as overweight and obesity become the leading nutrition problem.

Prof. Jose Saavedra details in his lecture how despite the progress being made, the challenges that remain keep children’s diets from all around the world of low quality, relating to malnutrition, mortality, morbidity and disability. He also discusses food systems and how these shape eating behaviors, and how these food systems must improve to also uplift diet quality and overall health.

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Jose M. Saavedra

Jose M. Saavedra

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