The Benefits And Challenges Of Digital Health

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Since the 1990s when the internet became more available to the public, this fast-paced communication and networking has become the norm. From instant messaging to applications for interaction, this has become widespread as the new means to connect. Digital health has followed suit, allowing to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare.

With the global pandemic hindering patients from seeking medical advice physically, the conversion of many healthcare outlets to the new medium has accelerated. In this lecture by Guilherme Rabello, he recaps the strides made in digital health, and how these may impact a healthcare professional’s practice. Included are the use of artificial intelligence to potentially improve diagnosis and treatment of disease, and new digital methods for individuals to track health and wellness-related activities, especially in the era of increased non-communicable diseases.

Guilherme Rabello (Brazil)

Guilherme Rabello

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