What Are The Benefits of Using a Partial Whey Hydrolysate?

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Early nutritional intervention with cow’s milk protein hydrolysates is a long-practised strategy for allergy risk reduction when breastfeeding is not possible. Amongst the many studies, the GINI (German Infant Nutritional Intervention) study is by far the largest and independent nutritional intervention study for allergy prevention. The recent publication of the 20-year follow-up provides evidence for a partially hydrolysed whey-based formula (pHF-W) to reduce the risk of eczema from birth to adulthood and of asthma amongst 16-to 20-year-olds, in an at-risk population. Further experimental and pre-clinical data show that not all pHF-Ws are the same with respect to peptide structure, allergenicity and the ability of inducing oral tolerance. Find out more information in the presentation deck below.

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