Longitudinal Analysis of Macronutrient Composition in Preterm and Term Human Milk, A Prospective Cohort Study

Fischer-Fumeaux, Garcia-Rodenas CJ, De Castro CA.

Human milk (HM) is a highly complex and dynamic system offering an optimal source of nutrients and numerous health advantages for healthy term (T) babies but, HM may not fully meet some specific additional nutritional requirements of very PT infants to avoid growth flattening, nutritional deficits, and related complications. Therefore, human milk fortification is often recommended in very PT neonates.

In this context, we need to have better knowledge and understanding of HM composition and its variations, and especially temporal changes, in order to enhance nutritional enteral strategies. In this prospective cohort study, we quantified macronutrient composition in very PT and T HM over time; compared macronutrient composition between PT and T milk, at similar lactation stages (postnatal ages) and gestational stages (postmenstrual ages) and investigated other factors potentially associated with macronutrient variations in HM.