NNIW97 - Intersections of Nutrition: Retracing Yesterday, Redefining Tomorrow

person Jossie Rogacion
schedule 152 min read
Topic(s): Gut Microbiota Growth & Development Nutrition & Disease Management

The 97th NNI Workshop, “Intersections of Nutrition: Retracing Yesterday, Redefining Tomorrow” held on June 2022 discussed how far pediatric nutrition research has come and how so many of these novel discoveries have become a part of our everyday essentials. But aside from this, it was also a call to further where we can take this new knowledge and how this can be applied in every HCP’s practice. This booklet provides new insights from global experts on nutrition and epigenetics, the gut microbiota, human milk, metabolic health of children, malnutrition and globalization, and the changes in children’s diets.