Growth and Metabolic Outcomes in Healthy Infants Fed Formulas with Age-Adapted Protein Concentrations from Birth Through 12 Months

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Topic(s): Growth & Development
Mireille Castanet
Olivier Claris
Catherine Gire
Frederic Gottrand
Farid Boubred
Nicholas P. Hays
Jérôme Tanguy
Daniel Lepetit
Claude Billeaud

Human milk composition changes dynamically during lactation, whereas infant formula composition is relatively static. This may contribute to growth/metabolic differences between breastfed and formula-fed infants. The aim of this study was to evaluate growth and metabolic outcomes in healthy term infants fed sequential formulas with age-adapted protein concentrations from birth to 12 months, in comparison to breastfed infants. The new follow-on formula with age-adapted protein content, fed sequentially after standard starter formula, supports healthy growth comparable to WHO standards and body composition at 12 months similar to breastfed infants.