Food consumption patterns of infants and toddlers: findings from the Feeding Infants and Toddlers study (FITS) 2016.

person Roess AA Jacquier EF Catellier DJ Professor Ryan Carvalho Lutes AC Anater AS Dietz WH.
schedule 4 min read
Topic(s): Growth & Development

In the US FITS 2016, breastfeeding introduction was relatively high, with 83% of infants birth to 23-9 months of age ever breastfed, but exclusive breastfeeding was only 34% in infants under 4 months, and 15% in those 4-5.9 months old. Half of 4-5.9 month olds consumed iron-fortified infant cereal, but few consumed meats. Low consumption of iron-rich foods, fruits and vegetables were identified as consumption problems. Efforts to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and fruit juice are needed for young children in the US.

Authors: Roess AA, Jacquier EF, Catellier DJ, Carvalho R, Lutes AC, Anater AS, Dietz WH. Room for improvement remains in food consumption patterns of young children aged 2–4 years. J Nutr. 2018; 148:1525S–1535S.