Annales 77.3 - Vitamin D: From Gestation to Adolescence in Health and Disease

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Topic(s): Growth & Development
Carlos Lifschitz
Jatinder Bhatia
Weili Lin
Frank M. Ruemmele

Vitamin D is a prohormone absorbed from food sources or supplements and also synthesized in the skin following exposure to ultraviolet light. Few foods naturally contain vitamin D. How much and how frequently do most individuals consume these natural dietary sources of vitamin D? In humans, dermal synthesis is the major natural source of the vitamin. Individuals who do not have sufficient sun exposure, especially infants, require supplemental vitamin D from fortified foods or supplements. Vitamin D deficiency is frequent in all stages of life and leads to serious health problems worldwide. This issue of Annales is dedicated for the discussion of importance of Vitamin D from Pregnancy to Adolescence.