Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) Academy Tutorials

What is the program about?

Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) are an exciting and central area of research in infant nutrition. Scientific advances on HMOs are helping to better understand the role and importance of these essential components of Human milk... 

Some of the topics included are in this program are: HMOs’ basic science and physiological significance; HMOs effects on microbiota and beyond; the role of HMOs’ on prevention of infections and necrotizing enterocolitis; and HMOs clinical evidence. The program consists in 5 modules, each of them divided in 2 parts. Each module takes between 45-65 minutes to complete and contains objectives, course material, transcript, quizzes and references.

Why this program will benefit you?

While there are a number of publications and resources available on HMOs, busy physicians and other healthcare professionals often find it difficult to devote enough time to researching and keeping updated on scientific advances on this field... 

The HMO tutorials Program has collated the latest science and research on HMOs. It aims to support the learning of HMOs in an easy and interactive way to all healthcare professionals working in infant nutrition area. The Program can be completed at your own pace, and is available across devices. Together, we can help enhance the quality of feeding for healthy infants.

HMO Tutorials - CPD UK Certified

The HMO Tutorials are certified by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification service in United Kingdom. The program contains 5 modules, each of them provides in 1 CPD credit point (5 CPD points in total).


  • 5 Modules of Content
  • 5 Hours of Learning
  • 5 CPD Credits in Total
  • Digital CPD Certificate on Completion
  • Accredited by The CPD Certification Service (UK)



The HMO Academy Tutorials were developed by Nestlé Nutrition Institute. This program is hosted, accessed, and managed through Indegene. If you have any technical issues with the course or relating to obtaining your certificate, please contact the NNI Global team at, or contact the Indegene Team at:

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