Maternal Matters: Optimizing Nutrition from Preconception to Future Generations

Mark your calendars for a brand new learning experience that delves deep into the nutritional needs of Mothers and Moms-to-be.
Together with our esteemed panel of global experts, let’s learn all about the unique and specific needs women experience during their pregnancy journey. From  the issues they face, to the proper supplementation they need to prevent metabolic diseases, it’s time to expand our knowledge on the latest guidelines for each pregnancy stage in order to positively impact future generations of mothers everywhere.

The Materna webinar: "Optimizing Nutrition from Preconception to Future Generations" will take place on September 21, 2022 | 13:00 PM CET and on 18:00 CET.


speaker 1

Dr. Otilia Perichart Perera

speaker 2

Dr. Gian Carlo Di Renzo 

speaker 3

Dr. André B. Lalonde


September 21st 2022: Video-on-Demand Lectures
Good Nutrition before Pregnancy:An Opportunitiy to Decrease Metabolic Risk and Prevent Chronic Diseases Dr. Otilia Perichart Perera
Crucial Nutrients During Pregnancy Dr. Gian Carlo Di Renzo
Nutrition and Metabolic Adaptations in Physiological and Complicated Pregnancy Dr. André B. Lalonde
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