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Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy (DIP) 2023

May 04,2023 - May 06,2023
Topic(s): Malnutrition Obesity

With the heightened nutritional requirements that pregnancy poses to support physiological changes in the mother, and to support the rapid growth and development of the fetus, as well as the challenges of achieving the recommended intakes for best nutrition preconception and during pregnancy, supplementation is looked upon to reduce risks of adverse pregnancy outcomes. However, there is still a lot to consider with this, such as which outcomes can be targeted with the nutrients supplemented, and which women would need these interventions and respond to them best. View this brochure from the NNI symposium at DIP 2023: Nutrition strategies for promotion of favorable pregnancy outcomes, to view the full abstracts of the studies presented.