Prof. Eline M. van der Beek

Eline van der Beek

A short biography

Nestle Research, Lausanne, Switzerland (Head of the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences)

University of Groningen (Professor for Nutritional Programming (Endowed Chair) since 2016)

PhD in Neurobiology from the Faculty of Medicine at Utrecht University with extensive experience with more than 25 years in research in both academic and commercial environments. 

Her background includes preclinical, epidemiological and clinical research in molecular metabolism and nutrition.

Currently at the Institute, works on advancing nutritional research and developing science-based nutritional solutions for brain development and cognitive function, gut health and microbiome, physical performance and healthy growth as well as metabolic health across life stages.

Published over 130 peer-reviewed research papers and is inventor of more than 25 patent applications.