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In a Maternal & Child Nutrition analysis of published studies on the dietary habits of women who were trying to conceive or were pregnant, most studies indicated that women do not meet nutritional recommendations for vegetable, cereal grain, or folate intake. Pregnant women did not meet iron or calcium intake requirements in 91% and 55% of studies, respectively, and also exceeded fat intake recommendations in 55% of studies.

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There have been considerable advances in our understanding of the diverse mixture of bioactive components in human milk that influence the immune status of infants by not only facilitating development, but also by providing protection, modulating tolerance, and regulating an appropriate inflammatory response. Human milk is the communication vehicle between the maternal immune system and the infant, actively directing and educating the immune, metabolic, and microflora systems within the infant. The NNIW 94 brochure provides a comprehensive overview on the latest human milk research and our understanding of its potential for modulating mucosal immunity, the microbiome and its impact on the neonate

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