Nutritional Deficiencies: Links with Cognitive and Social Development Among Infants and Toddlers

by Maureen Black
Nutritional deficiencies during the first 1000 days (conception to age 24 months) can impact cognitive and social development during infancy and toddlerhood, with consequences that extend through childhood and into adulthood. This talk will review the associations between nutritional deficiencies and early childhood development, focusing on strategies to prevent nutritional deficiencies and the negative consequences

When? Wednesday 01st of July at 9am CEST / Thursday 02nd of July at 4pm CEST

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Human Milk as the First Source of Nutrients

by Lindsay Allen
The nutrient requirements of young infants are higher per unit body weight than at any other time of life. Those who are exclusively breastfed consume on average about 750 mL/day between 1 and 6 months. In general, the amount of nutrients in the milk of a well-nourished woman is sufficient to support optimal growth and development of her infant. However, some nutrients may not be sufficient especially towards the end of the first six months.

When? Wednesday 08th of July at 9am CEST / Thursday 09th of July at 4pm CEST

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Human Milk Oligosaccharides and Health of Infants in Africa

by Andrew Prentice
Summary:Research in recent years has demonstrated that HMOs play a contributory role in protecting infants from disease in developing countries – the evidence is rudimentary, according to Andrew Prentice in this presentation, but promising.  He looks closely at babies in low and middle-income countries and compares their growth patterns with those in developed countries.

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