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Nutrition and Growth

Editor(s): R. Martorell, F. Haschke. vol. 47

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Ethnic Differences in Patterns of Human Growth in Stature

Author(s): S. Ulijaszek

Scientific and Practical Issues in the Development of the Us - Childhood Growth Reference

Author(s): L.M. Grummer-Strawn, C.L. Ogden, Z. Mei, K. M. Flegal, C.L. Johnson, R.J. Kuczmarski, L.R. Curtin

Influence of Early Nutrition on Growth

Author(s): F. Haschke, M. A. Van't Hof

Protein Nutrition During Infancy: Effects on Growth and Metabolism

Author(s): N.C.R. Raihci, A. Fazzolari, C. Cayozzo, G. Puccio, I. Minoli, G. Moro, A. Monestier, E. Haschke-Becher, A. Carrié, F. Haschke

Levels and Trends in Growth Failure in Developing Countries

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Recent Advances in Nutrition and Intrauterine Growth

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The Natural History of Growth Failure: Importance of Intrauterine and Postnatal Periods

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Nutritional Causes of Linear Growth Failure During Complementary Feeding

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Infection: How Important Are Its Effects on Child Nutrition and Growth?

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Low Birthweight, Postnatal Growth Failure, and Mortality

Author(s): D.L. Pelletier, M. Rahn, E.A. Frongillo

Psychosocial Consequences of Early Childhood Growth Retardation

Author(s): S.P. Walker, S.M. Chang, C.A. Powell

The Potential Role of Processed Complementary Food in Latin America

Author(s): J.A. Rivera-Dommarco, C. Lutter

The Nutrition Transition: New Nutritional Influences on Child Growth

Author(s): R. Uauy, E. Atalah, J. Kain

Early Growth Retardation And Syndrome X: Conceptual And Methodological Issues Surrounding The Programming Hypothesis

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Obesity in Children From Developing Countries: A Public Health Problem?

Author(s): R. Martorell, L. Kettel Khan, M.L. Hughes, L.M. Grummer-Strawn

Improved Child Diet and Growth: Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies

Author(s): L.E. Caulfield, E.G. Piwoz, and S.L. Huffinan