The Nest 39

This issue of The Nest looks into three important topics related to Complementary Feeding: the right time to include complementary feeding; a study that demonstrates early introduction of highly allergenic foods such as peanut can help manage food allergy; and how complementary foods can play a critical role in the advancement of feeding in preterm infants to avoid growth delay and important nutrient deficiencies.

The Nest 38

This issue of The Nest focuses on breast milk properties and its benefits: the dynamic property of breast milk and the trends of breast milk nutrient content through early lactation to mature milk; the bioactive proteins in breast milk and their beneficial effect on the infant’s health; and the possible impact of low-protein formulas in helping to manage obesity risk.

The Nest 37

This issue of The Nest looks into three very different important topics on nutrition in infancy: probiotics in the management of gastrointestinal disorders; how correctly learning how to chew can have an impact on the acceptance of new textures during weaning and beyond; and the importance of Vitamin D supplementation and the consequences of deficiencies.

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