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Paediatric Cardiology

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians. 58 / 1

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Developmental Origins and Genetic Basis of Cardiopathies in Childhood

Author(s): D. Bonnet

Considerable confusion surrounds the precisemorphology and development of human cardiacmalformations. But progress has been made recentlyin the understanding of the mechanisms underlyingcongenital heart diseases through new insightsin molecular genetics [1].

Foetal Echocardiography a Review of Its Clinical Utility

Author(s): N.H. Silverman

Although structural abnormalities of the heart andgreat vessels are fairly common congenital abnormalities,accounting for approximately 8 out of1000 live newborns [1], foetal echocardiography,

Paediatric Cardiology in Developing Countries

Author(s): D. Sidi

Paediatric cardiology is a sophisticated highlytechnical discipline in industrialized countries. Itdeals mainly with congenital malformations thatare often diagnosed in the foetus and treated in theneonatal period.